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Nexo Victory Leather Silver

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By Nexo Denmark

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By embracing classic features such as roman numbers, simple date and weekday information (choice of English or Spanish), Nexo Denmark has succeeded in going back to basics. Victory offers a large champagne coloured face and smooth, yet luxurious feeling, calf leather strap.

Nexo Victory suits both men and women and comes in a gift box.

Material: Japanese movement, sapphire glass, calf leather strap, rose coloured stainless steel case and buckle.

Size: Watch face diameter 4.5 cm. Strap width 2.2 cm.

Victory also comes in Rose colour as shown in the third image.

Care instructions:

Water resistant only. Do not wear while swimming or bathing. Battery can be replaced.

How to set the time, date & day:

The best way is to set the day and date to yesterday and then set the time once you have seen the date and day change over to today. That way you know if you are in a.m. or p.m. time.

To set day and date:

Pull the crown out slightly to the first "click". By winding the crown towards you the day changes and by moving it forward you set the date. Please note that the day shows in English and Spanish, so make sure you choose the right language.

To set the time:

Pull the crown out further to the second "click" and wind until the date and day has changed over to today. Set the time. Push the crown all the way back in towards the watch face. Done!

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