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Angel Chimes Brass

sku: SW985
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Loved and cherished for generations the Angel Chimes puts you into the true Christmas mood. When the candles burn the Angels rotate slowly creating a soft chime.

We offer the Swedish Angel Chime, based on the original design from 1948. It comes boxed, easy to assemble, including 4 candles.

We recommend that you purchase our replacement candles Vio Christmas Tree candles. They are a specialty candle for the Angel Chime and not readily available in shops.

Click on this link and see how it works.

Material: Brass plated thin steel
Size: Approximate: H:32 cm x D:12 cm
Colour: Brass

Useful hints:
  • Ensure the main part/pole is firmly attached to the bottom part so it does not rock or move.
  • Ensure the main part/pole is straight.
  • Ensure the fan is placed with its wings facing down.
  • The candles need to sit straight while burning.
  • The chime may need to heat up for a minute and given a slight push to the fan to start moving.
  • It is not suited for outdoor use and will be disrupted in draught.
  • Do not leave unattended while candles are burning.
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